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I make a donation

It is possible to participate in the salvation of souls and the welfare of the people in Haiti through the Impact Nations (IN) campaign by donating!

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Why donate ?

For evangelism

You can share the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ by offering Bibles for evangelism. We are eager to make the word of God available to all those who will be saved through “Operation 7000 Bibles”. To accomplish such a vast and difficult task, your help is precious to us.

For social actions

During the IN Haiti mission, we will meet helpless populations that we will help through donations of clothes, shoes, toys without distinction of religion. Out of love for these people and with your help, we want to do more. Donating for this social action will be an opportunity for you to encourage a man, a woman, a child, a family in Haiti.

For medical actions

Your donations will make it possible to acquire medical equipment and ensure the medico-surgical management of the Haitian population. Here is the list of kits and materials planned:
  • Pediatric kits
  • Baby deliveries, cesareans and myomectomies kits
  • Hernia surgery kits
  • Electronic sphygmomanometers and scales, Infrared thermometers,
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG), Portable Ultrasound
  • Glucometers...

For logistics

L'organisation de cette campagne de grande envergure nécessite une logistique conséquente. Vos dons rendront possible l'acheminement des vivres et non vivres, l'acquisition du materiel de campagne, le deplacement des missionnaires...

Make a donation

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You can now participate in the salvation of souls in Haiti through evangelization by making a one-time donation or by becoming a regular donor. To support, please, click on one of the links below!

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Who are we ?

The Messages de Vie ministry is a Christian non-profit and apostolic organization, created in 1996 by Pastor Mohammed Sanogo. Since 2002, we go around all of Cote d’Ivoire and the world to announce the good news of the gospel of peace and love of Jesus Christ. Through our programs: Tour 931 for Cote d’Ivoire and Impact Nations internationally, we have started a series of social actions for the populations of the cities and countries that we visit since 2012.
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